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Online Train-the-Trainer COMBO Medication Aide & Nurse Aide “Anytime”

with Teresa Mason, RN, CPhT

October 12th to 22nd, 2020

$450 More Info

Date & Time:
"Open Registration is available 10/12/20 through 10/16/20"

for your ONLINE Anytime Train-the-Trainer Combo Class - Medication Aide & Nurse Aide "Around the clock 24/7"

Access Link will be emailed from Fresh Start on 10/12/20 and then each day for new registrants up through Friday, 10/16/20 at 5pm.

Cost: $450
*Regular cost is $350 for each class for a total of $700; this COMBO class offers a special price of only $450 for both.

*Call if you are interested in Only 1-class
* Medication Aide or Nurse Aide -- 
Cost: $350

Three (3) Sections will be covered at your own leisure anytime.
Learn online wherever it is convenient for you.

Access your class on your: 
Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Smart Phone!

Please have a pen and paper to make notes as you learn.

You will have until Thursday, 10/22/20 at 5pm to study and be required to complete online informational quizzes for each section to complete this program. (25-questions total)

A separate link will be sent on 10/22/20 for a

"Live" Q&A Discussion at 5pm-6pm on Thursday, 10/22/20


COMBO Train-the-Trainer Class
Join us for 3-sections (approximately 3-hours each with recording and attachments) to complete the Train-the-Trainer classes for Medication Aide AND Nurse Aide programs.

*2 certificates issued via email within 14 Business days
(Count weekdays only; exclude holidays and weekends)


Section #1

Entails understanding the specifics of Adult Learners, engaging multiple personalities, emphasis on making learning fun and interactive in the classroom.


Section #2

Train-the-Trainer for Medication Aide (RMA) is intended for RN, LPN, RPh who wish to teach unlicensed persons and learn how to establish a program and its principles of adult learning, prepare and present lesson plans in a Medication Aide Program (RMA) approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing and the Department of Social Services for Assisted Living facilities.

8-Hour MAT
16-Hour MATY
32-Hour Medication Management

68-Hour Medication Aide 
This training course requires a total of 68 hours  (40hrs lecture/skills, 8hrs Diabetes, and 20 hours of clinical experience) for students to apply to the Virginia Board of Nursing and sit for the state competency Written Exam (online) to become a Registration Medication Aide (RMA).

Pre-requisites: LPN, RN, Pharmacist

Certification Years: N/A


Section #3

Train-the-Trainer for Nurse Aide (CNA) is intended for RNs and LPNs who wish to teach unlicensed persons about patient care, how to establish a program, principles of adult learning, and preparing and presenting lesson plans in a Nurse Aide Program (CNA) approved by the Virginia Board of Nursing.

The student Nurse Aide training course requires 80 hours of lecture/skills and 40 hours of clinical experience for students to apply to the Virginia Board of Nursing and sit for the state required Written/Oral & Skills Exams to become a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA).

Pre-requisites: LPN, RN

Certification Years: N/A

Payment plan available: $225.00 deposit plus 3 payments of $75.00, paid weekly