Office Hours: 
Monday-Friday 10am-4pm


What is Fresh Start Healthcare, LLC?

Fresh Start Healthcare, LLC (formerly Breath of Fresh Air) offers a wide variety of educational and training class to helping students to obtain certification for employment in the healthcare professions. 

Can I really make a career out of this?

Absolutely! The healthcare field is one of the fastest growing jobs in the US and the best news, there is plenty of room for advanced learning to continue your career. 

I can’t find your address anywhere, where are you located?

We are based out of Richmond, VA. Our classes are held at a variety of locations, please check the class that you are registered with for your location.  If you need to contact us in the office, please call 804-539-3809. Our fax number is 804-559-4797 or email  Our office address is 8569 Sanford Dr. Richmond, VA 23228. 

Do you have a dress code?

Yes, all classes require that you wear dark colored scrubs* (navy or black).  Dress code will be enforced.  

Our classes are strategically placed in professional and/or healthcare communities. Absolutely no shorts or flip-flops allowed… you MUST dress “business casual” until you have scrubs. 

*Scrubs are not provided by Fresh Start Healthcare, LLC (one set is provided after the start of class for CNA classes only)

Can I bring my cell phone to class?

If you must bring your cell phones to class, all cell phones will be collected at the beginning of class and returned to you during breaks and at the end of day.  While we realize that most everyone has a life outside of their healthcare class and that emergencies happen, our classes are designed to keep moving.  In order to do that, there needs to be limited distractions.  Please make adequate arrangements for potential emergency situations while you are in class.   

What if I miss a class, can I come to the next one?

In order for you to successfully complete the course, you must attend ALL classes.  If you miss a class, you will be placed in the next available make-up seat.  While you can make up the clinical portion of the class, the specific content that you missed may not be available.  Students who are arriving late to class may not be permitted to enter.  Classes are not transferable after the first class date. Because you have reserved your seat and someone else was unable to attend, no refunds will be issued for no-show students.  The scheduled hours for each class are required by the Virginia Board of Nursing. 

What is your refund policy?      

If you have to cancel your scheduled class, refunds are processed based on your cancellation date.  The fees are as follows: