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Fresh Start Healthcare, LLC has launched its brand new website.  We are so excited to have an easy place for our students and facilities to access information on class information, consulting, instructor information and new JOB postings!  When we launched we hoped that one day we would have the ability to easily connect our students with opportunities in the healthcare industry.  While it has been a long time in the making we are finally able to share that we have have a job posting page listed on our website!  Here you will find positions that are currently looking for employees! Jobs remain active for 30 days and if the position has been filled we try to take it down as soon as possible! This will hopefully give you the most current and up to date information.  However, that is not the only good news!

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We know that a commitment to a take a class to maybe find a job is a big deal!  We are so excited to share a unique opportunity for Fresh Start Healthcare students!  Current and former students of Fresh Start Healthcare have the privilege of posting their resumes on our website for employers to search!  We are excited that this will give our students the unique opportunity to be sought out by potential facilities and employers!  We know how hard you work during your classes and we are excited that we can share you first hand to potential employers!   

Thank you for stopping by the blog today, we hope that you will continue to browse around and come back often!